Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Becoming a member of Majestic Fitness will help you lead a healthier lifestyle, where you can make new friends and get friendly, professional advice.

We will motivate you to achieve your health & wellbeing goals, with expert advice from our dedicated team on hand. You will be able to access the very best gym & studio equipment provided by Technogym.

It is important to workout effectively to achieve the desired results – our trainers’ number one priority is to help you along your journey, no matter what your level of fitness. Making the most of the fully equipped gym, functional training zones and studios, Majestic Fitness will help you all the way.

Michael Hudson

My mission is to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals – whatever your goals may be. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, training for a specific sport, rehabilitating an injury or training for an event – I can help you.


David Bissell

I treat every client uniquely. You’ll learn correct form and technique as part of a strategic, progressive plan that guarantees results. Your goal is my goal, from the moment we start training together, every workout you do. I am a coach who will help you get to where you want to be while learning how to sustain your body and lifestyle thereafter.

I start all new clients with a movement screening session to ensure the client is moving correctly and to avoid injury. All personal training comes with training programs (including what to do when you’re not training with me), nutritional advice and statistics tracking (fitness levels, body fat % etc).

Results are of utmost importance to me and as such testing and check-ups are scheduled in on a regular basis in line with phase progression to ensure you’re making the most of the time spent in the gym and are on track towards your goal…


  • Technique Focused – Proper Form & Movement Proficiency
  • All-In Approach – Nutrition & Training Programs included
  • Results Driven – Statistics Tracking & Testing
  • Highly Energetic – Training Intensity & Motivational

My Specialist Areas

  • Body Composition – Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
  • Strength – Power & Performance
  • Fitness – Functional & Endurance
  • Rehabilitation – Knee, Hips, Shoulders & Back



Richard Jooste

I’m an ex-British military combat medic and British military fitness instructor with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

I’m a level 3 trainer with many other module qualifications such as Spin, Kettlebells and HITT etc..

I’m an accomplished ultra-marathon runner having completed the Canadian death race twice among other numerous races.

The CDR is a125km non-stop race over 17 000ft of Canadian Rocky mountains which has a 60% failure rate among contestants.

My personal training style is a mix of all these different disciplines and I am also passionate about helping the over 50’s population train to remain strong into later life.


Aga Kukielka

Aga has a strong passion for health and fitness and helping people achieve their goals.

Through her education and experience, she has developed a wide range of skills that enable her to design personalized training programs.

She has a real passion for educating and introducing women and men to weight training and believes that one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is to move well and move often.

She takes an analytical approach to training, focusing on the development of various aspects of diet and exercise, helping improve not just strength but technique, range of movement, posture, and flexibility.

She loves helping people to explore the joys of exercise, nutrition and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Her mission is to help busy individuals drop unwanted body fat, build muscle, boost their mind, and body confidence.

She is here to help you become a better, stronger, and happier version of yourself and will push you to your limits whilst ensuring you enjoy the journey.

Aga is the trainer who will chat to anyone and everyone, so come and say hi on the gym floor!

Outside of the gym, she can be found exploring local areas, hiking, or traveling outside Europe.


  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss/Fat Loss Coaching
  • Body Recomposition
  • Muscle building
  • Strength training
  • Weightlifting


  • Mac Nutrition Uni Certified Nutritionist with Honours
  • Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Training Collective Level 3
  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic and Pregnancy Massage

Arabella Ballantyne

Training transformed my life and I am here to help transform yours.

My goal is to help you achieve your goal, make you feel good, build confidence and self-esteem. So whatever your goal is, I am here every step of the way.

With every new client, we will go through body composition, postural alignment assessment, movement assessments, your lifestyle, current nutrition, likes and dislikes in regards to fitness, and most importantly your goals.

I use a 5 step training model. After going through the initial assessments, it will allow me to determine your ability, your active and under-active muscles, the step/level of fitness you are currently at, and what the next steps are to achieve your goal.

I will come up with a training regime that suits you and shows results.

You’ll receive training programs for you to do outside of our one-to-one training, nutrition coaching, advice, and support whenever you need it.

What I specialize in:

Full body transformations

Fat loss/ WeIght loss

Muscle building 

Weight lifting

Qualified Nutrition Coach

Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Qualified TRX Instructor


Paulina Bazala

Hello! My name is Paulina and I graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2021. Yes, I am a dancer as well as a personal trainer.

BODY * MIND * SOUL is my approach to movement as well as life as everything is connected. I always, try to find new ways of challenging my practice by finding new ways that can then help me level up the performance game.

My aim is to help you. To help you understand your body on a physical level. Working with the body holds a big potential of discovering yourself again as well as healing what needs to be healed. I’m all about spreading the awareness of mindful practice combined with the right mobility work to enhance your health, performance, and mood.

Everything is possible!

If you have any questions please do send me a message! I am more than happy to talk to you and help you!



Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Training for Optimum Performance.

BA (HONS) Degree in Contemporary Dance


Sara Szwarga

Hi everyone!

My name is Sara. I am a Nutritionist and a Personal trainer.

How did I become Nutritionist?

I was always fascinated in how what we eat makes impact on our body and mind. I wanted to make sure that others get to understand that us well.

Why I started being Personal Trainer?

Exercise, apart of healthy and balanced diet, is an import part of keeping as healthy. Combination of this two gives us best results ever.

My hobbies:

  • Body wight and functional training
  • Delicious and easy to prepare meals
  • Traveling and meeting new cultures
  • Spending time with family and friends

My qualifications:

LEVEL 5 – NUTRITIONIST, Diet Specialist AfN Certified course

  • Designing meal plan
  • Prevent obesity, diabetes, high blood pression
  • Reduce stress level, anxiety, depression by eating healthy

Level 4 in PERSONAL TRAINING, Australian college of sport and fitness

  • Creating unique trainings for 1:2:1 clients
  • Designing trainings for fat lost
  • Improving your strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Preventing injuries
  • Preventing and reducing conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity

DIPLOMA in PERSONAL TRAINING, Australian college of sport and fitness

  • Working with clients who are in high rick group : pregnant, postnatal, elderly and with other chronic diseases
  • Tailor unique trainings focusing on goal of an individual
  • Preventing injuries and recovering post injury

Why me?

I make sure that you achieve your dream goal by combining working on your eating habits and exercise using my unique technique. Every clients is different and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another.


Kiwi Karimi

Kiwi is a dedicated Personal trainer with a strong passion for Fitness and Wellness, has been in Fitness for more than two decades! 

His approach is Holistic and Practical applying Healthy Lifestyle Interventions in his clients’ Plan. 

He offers a free taster session to record the client’s Body composition and Body measurements too. He supports his clients daily, e.g. offering a customised Meal Plan.

Every three weeks he does the same assessment to make sure the client is on the right track.

Kiwi is highly experienced and trusted by local health professionals as he is certified USA National Academy of Sports Medicine Level 4 Specialist in Weight-loss, Senior Fitness Training and Youth Exercise!

Kiwi is a pro Weight-loss Fitness coach, running regular indoor and outdoors Weight-loss Challenge Group Classes in Chiswick, Barnes, Richmond, Brentford and nearby towns!

Whether you want to reduce your size or get toned, build muscle or increase Strength and Stamina, Kiwi can help you achieve your goal in a reasonable time!

To find out more about Kiwi’s clients outstanding results and review just Google, Body Shape Dream London! 


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