So – you’ve had an epiphany. Breaks between zoom meetings should be spent doing something productive, say, working out, rather than catching up on your favourite series, snacking on chocolate you’ve placed not out-of-reach enough, or browsing through that online fashion store for the umpteenth time. Good on you. But is there a proper way to home-workout? Definitely not a one-size-fits-all ‘yes’, but there are some do’s and don’ts 


  • WARM UP!!! This is crucial, especially if you’ve been sat stiff and stationary in front of a computer for a long time. Warm-ups should loosen your muscles and get your heart pumping, not tire you out. Some good ones are: jumping jacks, jogging on the spot, stretches, and skipping. 
  • Tidy your area around you beforehand, making sure you won’t bump into any corners or smash your favourite ‘I survived another meeting that could have been an email’ mug.  
  • Have a workout plan already set up. If you’re spending time researching the quickest way to get a six-pack during the time you’ve set aside to exercise, that could really dampen the mood for actually working out. Needless to say, this also wastes time if you’re on your break. 
  • Make sure you’re getting the most from your workout. If you’re limited for time (and sometimes space), doing circuit training is a great way to do a full body workout. Just 20 minutes of a well-planned routine gets you sweating and improves strength, targeting fat and building muscles in the comfort of your living room. 
  • Have fun with it! Get your kids to join in or arrange a virtual workout sesh with other exercise afficionados. That double hit of serotonin after getting your body moving and connecting with others is a sure-fire way to beat those mid-week blues.  


  • If you’re feeling burnt out, don’t guilt-trip yourself into doing a workout. Sometimes this can deplete your energy, rather than having a positive effect on it. Check in with yourself; do you actually need to move around, or is your body asking for a long, hot bath? It’s ok to have different needs on different days. Activity and rest are both incredible, if employed correctly. 
  • Find your ‘just right’. Don’t jump into your first day of home workouts attempting to deadlift 100kg if you haven’t taken time to build up your strength and endurance (and even if you have, please consider carefully before trying to deadlift 100kg!). Going too easy is also unhelpful if you’re looking to substantially affect some changes. Find the golden-middle, your sweet spot of exercise; you shouldn’t feel like you’re about to collapse, but also consider the fact that working up a sweat isn’t such a bad thing, either.  
  • Don’t have a heavy meal before working out, even if it is a short one. That cheeky sausage sarnie could really bog you down and stop you from achieving your potential. I understand the temptation. Just don’t do it. 

And there we go, folks. Some helpful tips on how to get started on your home-workout journey. If you are looking for personalised workout plans, do not hesitate to contact us at or pop in to our gym once it opens (12th April) for friendly and professional advice. Own your strength, and most importantly, have a great time doing it!