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Covid Policy

Our business will commence operations during the COVID pandemic, which obviously has large implications for the fitness industry. We will comply with government guidelines and make adjustments as and when required to ensure ongoing compliance.

Consideration to COVID adaptions will be made during fit out planning. Flow of people through the facility will be carefully planned to avoid bottle necks and enable a one way system, ventilation levels will reflect government advice to optimise the changeover of air, spacing of gym stations and equipment will be carefully designed to maintain social distance and cleaning stations will be included throughout the premises.

Our booking system will allow us to control the number of people in the gym and fitness studios at any one time. The timing of classes in the studios will also be carefully planned to allow for full cleaning and ventilation between sessions.

We will have clear signage to remind members on arrival that they need to be conscious of maintaining their social distance while on the premises, that they should sanitise equipment before and after use and wear face coverings while using shared areas. Our gym floor staff will monitor compliance with these guidelines. We have also included 50 hours/week of professional cleaner costs in our plan.

Staff members will all be trained on COVID compliance and best practice and supplied with PPE (face coverings, gloves, etc) as required.

The flip side of the pandemic is that it has highlighted the importance of regular exercise for the normal functioning of the immune system, which provides protection against infection and inflammation and improves immune response to vaccination. This has been highlighted by the personal experience of our Prime Minister and so has emerged as a key message across the country over recent months.

In conclusion, while the COVID pandemic means that we have to make adjustments to how we operate, it has also provided an opportunity by concreting the importance of regular exercise in the consciousness of the nation and so ensures we will have a solid loyal membership base over the long-term which is key to our success.